Ork Weapons Dealer


He originally hired the team to clean out his own gang. The next time they laid eye on him he was fighting for his life in a pit with mutant rottweilers.

Former Gang member of the Rainier Runners the gang has disbanded and their territory has been split up between the Ancients, the Yakuza and the Spikes.

Brother to Lowgear his Mother was an eco-terrorist who got on the wrong side of the wild when she became infected with HMHVV and became a wendigo. After absconding with their father Dakka kept the truth from Lowgear while building up the runners as a buffer between himself and any attempt by his parents to extract him and lowgear into the new family.

Unfortunately all his plans were for naught, his mother and father assaulted the stronghold of the Rainier Runners killing most of the gang and kidnapping Lowgear.

After his brother was safely rescued Dakka Left Seattle. Discovering a market for his skills in self defense, gun running and leadership he now works as a freelance arms dealer for Ares Macrotechnology.


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