Ork Bar owner and former Merc/Special Operator


Almost as much of a mystery as how he managed to build The Last Round without anyone coming by bi-weekly to try to burn the place out. (Which he does tell stories about when you can get him to talk about the early days of the place.)

To anyone that’s crossed him Bear is a terrifying force of nature capable of ripping apart the flashyist glitter boy and depositing him outside in a heap in an eye blink. Despite his grey hair and missing eye Bear’s alert presence does as much to calm and comfort the regulars as anything else about the place, there is no serviceman in the place who hasn’t said he reminds them of one of their favorite NCO’s.

Other than that though his stories, all wild and many true, have failed to shed any light on where he trained or served, or even when. Bear has a way of telling stories that can convey the full experience of some batshit crazy adventure without ever revealing quite enough information to be sure exactly when, where, or on what side he has ever been on.

The one unquestionable fact is that the only thing he loves more than his bar is his family. Something to well remember when thinking about starting trouble in The Last Round.


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